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Instructions for RV, RC and Photo Copy are placed in Notifications
Flash News:: EDEP-QP folders of Diploma Exams on April 25,26,27,28 and May 2nd are placed in the EDEP portal. Afresh download them immediately and complete the Phase-I decryption process. :: Online feepayment for Industrial training is extended upto 30-04-2014 and Pharmacy upto 25-04-2014 :: URL for POLYCET-2014 online application filing: https://apceep.nic.in :: 12th, 13th april, 3rd may, & 4th may 2014 Dilpoma Examinations are Postponed and Re-Scheduled ::
21/04/2014 Chief Superindent instructions- Reg
19/04/2014 2nd phase observers list
17/04/2014 Important and Urgent Staff Information of 4th and 5th are 6th Semister Sstaff information - Request Reg.
17/04/2014 April/May-2014 DiplomaExaminations-List of mini spot valuation camps and attached polytechnics
17/04/2014 POLYCET-2014 - Bank Details for depositing the amounts collected towards online filing and sale of applications
16/04/2014 SBTET/EE-I-Special Instructions to the Chif Superitendents.
16/04/2014 Online Fee Payment Extended For Pharmacy ER-91 and 5 semester Industrial Training
12/04/2014 EDEP - Downloading of QPs - Procurement of Static ip
12/04/2014 Static -ip istructions
11/04/2014 First Spell Observers list, Instuctions and Guidelines etc.
11/04/2014 DOFP - Fee paid but HT not generated candidates details with Reasons
10/04/2014 Special instructions to Chief Superintendents for Mar/Apr 2014 Diploma Examinations
10/04/2014 In Eligible Candidates -Reg
09/04/2014 No Objection - State Election Commission
07/04/2014 Re-Counting and Photo copy of Typewriting and Shorthand Examination Feb-2014
07/04/2014 E-LS Project - Feedback from Staff and Students -Reg
03/04/2014 E-LS Project - Refurbishment of Hardware - Submission of Details-Reg
03/04/2014 POLYCET-2014 Examination Centers Data for verification
03/04/2014 12th, 13th april, 3rd may, & 4th may 2014 Dilpoma Examinations are Postponed and Re-Scheduled
01/04/2014 POLYCET-2014 - NOTIFICATION
01/04/2014 General Election alternate arrangement-Reg
30/03/2014 Discrepancies in the I year data uploaded by the Polytechnics - Submission of ratification orders in person on scheduled dates
26/03/2014 C-09-E Lessons Verification-Workshop Scheduled from 28-03-2014-Deputation of Staff-Reg
26/03/2014 POLYCET-2014 functional test at NIC
26/03/2014 ER-91 Pharmacy and V sem Industrial training courses Online fee payment dates for M/A-2014 exams
24/03/2014 Tender Notification - Print and Supply of POLYCET Booklets-Terms and Conditions
22/03/2014 Industrial Training-Bifurcation of 5th and 6th Semister Students for Undergoing 6 months Industrial Training for New Polys Established and Admissions approved for the Academic Year 2012-13 and also for Additional courses Increasing the Intake for the AY 2012-13
19/03/2014 Tender Notification - Print and Supply of POLYCET Booklets
19/03/2014 Implementation of Community Colleges Scheme-Review Meeting on 22-03-2014- Reg
18/03/2014 Common Instructions-March/Aprial 2014 Examinations
14/03/2014 RC/NC equivalent subjects in C-09 Scheme-Workshop scheduled on 20-03-2014-Deputation of Staff-Reg
13/03/2014 Two day training on Spoken English with Communication and Employability Skills for the English faculty from 21-03-2014 to 22-03-2014
12/03/2014 Diploma Online Feepayment with out fine is upto 12-03-2013
10/03/2014 Eligibility Criteria for C09 Diploma Examinations for 6th semester
10/03/2014 Special Instructions to chief Supdt. Regarding Handing over the Answer Scripts of RV/RC/PC
10/03/2014 Enhancement of Rates of Remuneration payable for various items of work I connection with conduct of Diploma Examination-Communicated-Reg.
09/03/2014 Date of last working day and commencement of March/April 2014 Diploma examinations
08/03/2014 Mar/Apr 2014 Diploma Examination online fee payment is extended.
07/03/2014 C-09-E-Lessons-Workshop for Verification from 11-03-2014 to 14-03-2014-Deputation of Staff-Reg
06/03/2014 Last date for applying RV, RC and PC is extended to 08-03-2014
06/03/2014 Requisition from Principals Regaring March/April-2014 Diploma Examinations Stationary-Regs.
05/03/2014 Principals are requested to send the estimation for March/April 2014 Diploma Examination expenditure.
01/03/2014 Special Instructions to Camp Officers/Prinicpals regarding RV,RC&PC
04/03/2014 change of Center Application-Reg
04/03/2014 Change of Center Rules March/April-2014 - Reg
01/03/2014 Special Instructions to Principals/Chief Superintendents of Mar/Apl-2014 Diploma Examinations
01/03/2014 Instructions RV,RC&PC Nov-Dec 2013 results
01/03/2014 Eligibility Criteria for C09 Diploma Examinations
28/02/2014 C-09 Curriculum Revision workshop for GT - Deputation of Staff - Reg.
28/02/2014 Diploma Examination Notification scheduled in March/April 2014
25/02/2014 Uploading and verification of Studentdata and posting of attendnace in studentportal - Instructions
25/02/2014 Nov/Dec-2013 Diploma C-09 Scheme Results - Reg.
25/02/2014 Nov/Dec-2013 Diploma C-05 & C-08 Schemes Results - Reg.
25/02/2014 Diploma Examinations Results withheld for want of SM/PM Marks - Reg.
24/02/2014 ER-91 Pharmacy Ist and IInd YEAR Nov/Dec-2013 Results-Reg
22/02/2014 Govt. Polytechnics - E LS Project-Installations of E lesson - Reg
22/02/2014 SBTET-DIPLOMA EXAMINATIONS- Results of Ist IInd & IIIrdYear, C-05 Scheme held in Nov/Dec., , 2013-Forwarded-Reg
20/02/2014 Orders for the Moderation Camp
18/02/2014 Staff Training Programmes to be conducted by NITTTR,Chennai and NITTTR, ECH for 2014-15 –Need Analysis among the Polytechnic Teachers – Instructions to Furnish Data-Reg
15/02/2014 C-09-E-Lessons-Workshop for Reverification from 20-02-2014 to 25-02-2014-Deputation of Staff-Reg
12/02/2014 Press Release regarding voice test for shorthand exams-reg
12/02/2014 Last & Final Mercy chance for C-00 Scheme Candidates
11/02/2014 Conduct of PFD-128 on Student Evaluation for staff at NITTTR, Chennai scheduled from 17-02-2014 to 21-02-2014-Deputation orders-issued-Reg
11/02/2014 Conduct of PFD-127 on MATLAB for Simulation and Design for staff at NITTTR, Chennai scheduled from 17-02-2014 to 21-02-2014-Deputation orders-issued-Reg
11/02/2014 Conduct of PFD-126 on Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning for staff at NITTTR, Chennai scheduled from 17-02-2014 to 21-02-2014-Deputation orders-issued-Reg
11/02/2014 Conduct of PFD-125 on Design of Earthquake Resistant Structures for staff at NITTTR, Chennai scheduled from 17-02-2014 to 21-02-2014-Deputation orders-issued-Reg
11/02/2014 Conduct of FDP Programme on Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics in Finite Element Analysis-AICTE Sponsered Programme at Madanapalle Institute of Tech and Science, Chitoor-Instructions Issued-
07/02/2014 3 day workshops on Teaching Effective Oral presentation skills / Teaching Effective Writing skills to ESP students in collaboration with US Consulate General, (RELO) New Delhi for faculty of English in Govt. Polytechnics.
11/02/2014 III/II Unit Test Schedule
11/02/2014 C-09 Curriculum Revision Workshop for AEIE, MET & Mining - Deputation of Staff -Reg
05/02/2014 Conduct of PFD-121 on Object oriented Programming using JAVA for staff at NITTTR, Chennai scheduled from 10-02-2014 to 14-02-2014-Deputation orders-issued-Reg
04/02/2014 Details of the candidates for whom the unit test marks-2 have not been posted
03/02/2014 E-LS Project-Refurbishment of Hardware-Report Submission-Reg
03/02/2014 Meeting on EDEP system for ensuing Dip. Exams
03/02/2014 Letter on arrangments for EDEP equipment
01/02/2014 Community Colleges - Admission Notification 2013-14 - Reg
31/01/2014 Information of project work/In-plant training for the final year Diploma students from CITD - Reg.
23/01/2014 Revised extension dates of typewriting examinations
22/01/2014 Time Table of SH/TW Exams Feb, 2014.
22/01/2014 CAS-Training Programmes conducted at ASC, Andhra University, Vishakhapatnam-Reg
22/01/2014 Examination Notification and instructions of ccic, land surveying and short term courses-reg
18/01/2014 English Language Teacher Educator Conference
18/01/2014 Deligation of Financial Powers for Purchase of Various Kinds
17/01/2014 Payment affiliation fee immediately - Regarding
10/01/2014 POLYCET Admissions - Management quota in Private Institutions - Reg.
06/01/2014 Conduct of FDP on PFD-108, PFD-109,PFD-110,PFD-111,PFD-114,PFD-115 for staff of Polytechnics in AP at NITTTR, Chennai-Deputation orders-Reg
02/01/2014 Acceptance of BNPL post ,Letter from Chief Post Master General,AP,Hyderabad
02/01/2014 Biometric Device Guidelines for Scholarship to Post-Matric Students-Instructions Issue-Reg
02/01/2014 Remuneration of Remidial Classes Formats-Instructions Issued-Reg.
27/12/2013 Conduct of Faculty Development Programme PFD-106 on WEB PROGRAMMING for teaching Staff of Polytechnics in A.P at NITTTR, Chennai for the year 2013-14-Deputation Orders- Reg.
23/12/2013 E-Class Room-Refurbishment of Hardware-reg
23/11/2013 Deposit of Sealed Question Papers and Answer Script Bundles.
21/11/2013 No Objection Certificate (NOC) for reduction of intake/closure of course(s) from 2014-15 – Reg.
09/11/2013 Change of center rules for Nov/Dec 2013 diploma exams
09/11/2013 Special Instructions to Principals/Chief Superintendents of Nov/Dec-2013 Diploma Examinations
04/11/2013 Private Polytechnics/ Engineering Colleges offering Diploma in II Shift/D-Pharmacy Institutions- Last date for Payment of Affiliation fee for 2013-14 without Penalty - Reg
23/10/2013 Re-Revised Exam Time table Of Short term Courses Oct/Nov-2013
08/10/2013 Permission to write Diploma Examinations to failed students of C-05 Scheme of 2005-06-07
28/09/2013 Overall Syllabus Coverage of 3rd and 5th Semester Information Reg
19/09/2013 EDEP Implementation - Procurement of required equipment - Regarding
05/09/2013 Uploading of Syllabus Coverage in the current Sem/Year-Reg
19/08/2013 30% remuneration - march/Apirl 2013 minispot valutaion - Reg
17/08/2013 II shift engg. colleges -Ist Year results RV,RC,PC-reg
18/08/2013 Uploading of Attendance pertaining to Diploma Students - Instructions
05/08/2013 SBTET- Allotment of ‘PIN’ Numbers to the candidates who got admitted during the academic year 2013-2014 in Ist year C-09 Scheme and IVC Lateral Entry in III Semester of C-09 Scheme
20/07/2013 New Connection under New Govt. CUG 70 Plan -Reg
17/07/2013 English Text Book to be followed for DCCP Final Year for the academic year 2013-14 - Reg
01/07/2013 Allotment of Institute Codes for New Polytechnics."
01/07/2013 English Work Books
29/05/2013 Fee concession to the students on rolls undergoing training in SDCs
25/05/2013 POLYCET-2013 District Wise Results Statistics
22/05/2013 New Engineering Colleges approved by AICTE to run diploma in II Shift for 2013-14 - Conduct of Inspection for granting affiliation
07/03/2013 List of SBTET Nominees for Private Polytechnics/Engineering Colleges offering Diploma in II shift approved in 2012-13 - Reg
15/02/2013 Engaging two eligible contract lecturers beyond working hours for remedial classes - Reg
11/02/2013 SBTET - Reference Books on Electronics for consideration to Libraries - Reg.
11/02/2013 SBTET - GO.No.972 - 103 New Engineering Colleges approved to run Diploma in II Shift - Payment of Affiliation fee - Reg.
17/01/2013 Institute codes allotment for new Polytechnics
15/12/2012 Uploading of Syllabus Coverage every month on or before 5th - Reg.