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Flash News:: The last date of diploma examination fee payment with penalty is 18th oct. and under tatkal is 21st oct. for Oct/Nov 2014 is extended :: The Diploma fee payment without fine is extended up to 11-10-2014 ::
       List Of Officers And Subjects Dealt By Them
Name Of Officer: Sri D.Venkateswarlu
Designation: Secretary
Contact Phone(s): Email :secretary.sbtetap@gmail.com
23221191 (Ext: 403)

Subjects Dealt: Over all control and supervision of the entire Board’s work, Drawing & Disbursement of bills
Name Of Officer: Sri J.Satyanarayana Murthy
Designation: Addl. Secretary
Contact Phone(s): Email:addlsec.sbtet@gmail.com
23221191 (Ext: 401)

Subjects Dealt: Accounts and Establishment, review of curriculum of all Diploma courses, CCC, affiliation of Institutions, equivalence of courses, and other related matters
Name Of Officer: Sri A.Nirmal Kumar Priya
Designation: Joint Secretary
Contact Phone(s): Email:jssbtet@gmail.com
23221191 (Ext: 405)
Subjects Dealt: Supervising and co-ordinating the examination work of all Diploma courses and Technical Examinations, Stores, issue of Provisional Certificates to Diploma holders, work relating to the Common Entrance Examination for admission into Polytechnics (CEEP) and Part-time courses in Polytechnics, CCC and conduct of Computer Examinations, release of Results.
Name Of Officer: Sri. N Janardhana Rao
Designation: Dy. Secretary (EE-II)
Contact Phone(s): Email:ee2ds.sbtetap@gmail.com
Subjects Dealt: Pre Examinations of Diploma & Post Diloma Courses
Name Of Officer: Sri S.Venkata Ramana Swamy
Designation: Dy. Secretary (EE-I)
Contact Phone(s): Email:dsee1sbtet@gmail.com
23221191(Ext: 404)
Subjects Dealt: Post examination work of Diploma and Post Diploma Engineering/Technical courses including conduct of examinations, conduct of valuation, processing of results and issue of Marks Memos and certificates, issue of Migration Certificates, Duplicate Certificates etc.
Name Of Officer: Dr.R, Rambhupal Reddy
Designation: Dy. Secretary (CCC)
Contact Phone(s): Email:dsccc.sbtet@gmail.com
23221191(Ext: 408)

Subjects Dealt: Equivalence of Courses, affiliation of Institutions, conduct of Computer courses, CCC courses, preparation of Course material.
Name Of Officer: Kum Ch.Uma
Designation: Dy. Secretary (B)
Contact Phone(s): Email:dsb.sbtet@gmail.com
23221191(Ext: 408)
Subjects Dealt: Conduct of Expert Committee meetings for revision of syllabus and also for preparation of syllabi for new Courses to be introduced, Academic Committee meetings.
Name Of Officer: Smt.K.Jayasree
Designation: Dy. Secretary (NT)
Contact Phone(s): 23221191(Ext: 407)
Subjects Dealt: Incharge of Establishment, Accounts, Tappals and Legal Cases, Receipt of DC Bills.
Name Of Officer: Sri P.Ramulu
Designation: DY.SECRETARY -TE
Contact Phone(s): Email:dste.sbtet@gmail.com

Subjects Dealt: 1.Pre and Post Examination work of Type writing, Shorthand, 4-months Certificate Course in Land Surveying/3-months Certificate Courses in Computers/Craft Courses in HotelManagement/Fasghion Designingng/Garment Technology/Tourism/Interior Design, etc.

2.Issue of genuineness and Duplicate Certificates of the above Examinations.

3.Issue of Rajiv Udyog Sri Certificates after completion of training at the respective Polytechnics
Name Of Officer: Sri D.Ravinder
Designation: Asst. Secretary (Stores)
Contact Phone(s): Email:asstores.sbtet@gmail.com
23221191(Ext: 410)

Subjects Dealt: Procurement of Stores and Stationery, Maintenance of vehicles of the Board and other related matters, supply of Course material for CCC courses.
Name Of Officer: Sri .Chander Rao
Designation: AS.SECRETARY -(TE)
Contact Phone(s): 040-23392728(off)
Subjects Dealt: To assist the Deputy Secretary(TE) in conduct of Examinations
Name Of Officer: Sri T.Raghavendra Reddy
Designation: AS.SECRETARY(EE-1)
Contact Phone(s): 23221191(Ext:411)
Subjects Dealt: To assist D.S(EE-1)
Name Of Officer: sri B.Nageswara rao
Designation: System Analyst
Contact Phone(s): 9912342197
Subjects Dealt: ---